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guiding principles

Excerpt from "The Letters of Gustave Flaubert: 1830 - 1857"

   What seems to me the highest and most difficult achievement of Art is not to make us laugh or cry, nor to arouse our lust or rage, but to do what Nature does -- to set us dreaming. The most beautiful works have this quality. The means by which they act on us are various: they are as motionless as cliffs, as stormy as the ocean, leafy, green and murmurous as forest, forlorn as the desert, blue as the sky. Through small apertures we glimpse abysses whose somber depths turn us faint. And yet over the whole there hovers an extraordinary tenderness. It is like the brilliance of light, the smile of the sun; and it is calm, calm and strong.

carl glowienke

Carl Glowienke lives and works in the rolling hills East of San Diego with his wife Lynne, and their four dogs and four cats. After initially studying music he returned to art, exploring different mediums and techniques. His pursuit of being able to portray animals in motion led to anatomy studies with the late Dr. Stephen Leatherwood at Hubbs Sea World Research Institute and a 5-year apprenticeship to master sculptor Guillermo Castano to learn mold making and bronze casting. His work can be found in collections worldwide.

sean ketchem

principal assistant

Sean Ketchem is a fine arts graduate of UCSD and an innate mechanical genius. He is responsible for fabrication, studio maintenance and repair and expert finishes.

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