11635 Johnson Lake Rd., Lakeside, CA 92040

Custom Work for Discerning Clients

Award-winning designs that bring the beauty of Nature to you. Unique driveway gates, Bronze sculpture, Lighting, Home furnishings and more


Carl combines the creativity of a Da Vinci with the practicality of a home repair man. He is truly a pleasure to work with. – Kevin Villani


For over 15 years, I’ve known Carl as the man to go to for all my metal work.  From simple wrought iron fencing to works of art that are both beautiful and structurally designed and built, there’s nothing Carl can’t do.  But be warned: your ideas will improve, your experience won’t get any better, your project will be completed on time, and you’re going to recommend Carl to your friends and business associates also.  I guarantee it! – Steve Lane

Custom Home Builder

Thank you, Carl, for your incredible professionalism, patience, creativity, imagination, skill, talent and team. You took an idea and turned it into a masterful work of art, and our dream. Your artisan touch, your ability to visualize out hopes and aspirations, and your commitment to excellence and perfection are all qualities that impact us each and every day. Thanks, Carl & Lakeside Sculpture, for your kindness, and everything else – Bill Walton