11635 Johnson Lake Rd., Lakeside, CA 92040

Meet the Artist

Carl Glowienke

Owner, Sculptor

Following a five-year apprenticeship with master sculptor, Guillermo Castaño, Carl has enjoyed nearly three decades of crafting exquisite and unique pieces of art for private, commercial and institutional commissions. His work appears in several publications including San Diego Home & Garden, Asia Pacific Art News and The Union Tribune. He has been recognized as Artist of the year by the San Diego Oceans Foundation and awarded the Design Merit Award from the National Park Service as well as the Peoples’ Choice Award by the American Cetacean Society. Carl’s work can be found in collections worldwide.

“Perhaps the highest goal that an artist can aspire to is to capture the immediacy and visceral impact of the Natural World. If I do my job well, and, momentarily, you think that you have come upon a real Hawk, you will be stunned, your inner dialogue silenced by the incredible beauty of the animal before you. I am profoundly grateful to have benefited from the guidance of great and generous teachers, whose intellectual curiosity, kindness and dedication to craft guide my work today.”

-Carl Glowienke

Meet the Team

Fred Briscoe


A noted sculptor on his own, Fred Briscoe contributes  over 40 years of design and logistics experience.


Russ Richmond

Lead Fabricator

Russ brings over 30 years of welding and fabrication experience to every project.


Head of Security

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